Business - electrotechnics

The company takes advantage of longtime foreign trading contacts.

In the last years the company was forced to find new Far East suppliers because of the price pressure of the foreign customers. So it was built a net of contacts there. We are very happy that we have found such suppliers who know not only about importance of the price but also of the quality. We are therefore able to supply almost all kinds of material according to requirement of our customers. 

We offer therefore the following material:

  • wounded ferrite cores EF, toroidal, rod, U, P, drum, special - equivalents Siemens, Kaschke
  • permalloy cores - equivalents VAC...
  • iron-powder cores - equivalents of the cores Magnetics, Micrometals...
  • condensators
  • Li-ion and NiMH batteries and chargers to them
  • plastics parts according to customer's specification...
  • many other materials and components for electrotechnics according to customer's request

Because we have processed these materials for more then 8 years, we checked their quality and we are able to guarantee it.


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