History of electrocomponents production

The company Unilex was established as one of the first private companies in Třebíč, a town with about 45 000 inhabitants, in May 1990 and it was put in the trade register in the same year.

The company launched as its first product into the Czechoslovak market disinfection and preserving product of the oil emulsion DEKONTA and it was very successful. It was the start of development of the company. At the end of the year 1990 the company got into the contact with some Austrian companies, e.g. ABB-Goerz, ERB, Aeterna etc. Unilex produced for them above all the cable konfection.

Early in 1991 it started the cooperation with the Austrian company Schrack, different sorts of relays were produced for it (50,000 pieces a day). From the beginning the company tried to find its own product, which would be successful not only on the inland but also on the foreign market. It came true in all kinds of coils at ferrite cores, self-contained antennae, small potted transformers for PCB´s and different sorts of chokes: toroidal, rod and output.

 The company established itself on the foreign market and it became supplier of the companies as e.g.


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