Ferilex - electrocomponents


Our company is specialized in production electrocomponents according the customer´s requirements. We also accept the orders for small amounts. Every customer is important to us and every demand is interesting. 

At present the company FERILEX Ltd. produces and supplies these electrocomponents:

  • toroidal, rod, radial and output chokes 
  • transformers, small potted transformers for PCB´s 
  • self-contained antennae 
  • coils at ferrite cores of all kinds 
  • shrouded socket plugs 
  • cable confection

      ... and many other products

The quality of the products is high-level especially because we are specialized in the production for demanding foreign markets. We have not only a big space but also a skilled personal capacity.

In terms of its business activity the company has built quite wide contact network of Far East suppliers in the last years. They know very well that not only the good price but especially the outstanding quality are required. And so we are able to supply practically any material according the customer´s requirements.

We offer therefore the following material:Elektrosoučástky vyrábíme s pečlivostí

  • ferrite cores EF, toroidal, rod, U, P, drum, special - equivalents Siemens, Kaschke ...
  • permalloy cores - equivalents VAC ...
  • iron-powder cores - equivalents cores Magnetics, Micrometals ...
  • condensators 
  • Li-Ion and NiMH baterries and chargers to them 
  • plastic pressed parts according the customer´s specifications 
  • different other materials and components according the customer´s requirement

Because we have processed these materials for more then 8 years, we checked their quality and we are able to guarantee it.

We are able to produce and supply many other products, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to answer your questions.

We are looking forward to cooperation with you. Ferilex, s.r.o.


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